Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum Pet Hair and Dander

Pets can provide the perfect companionship in our homes and with time they practically become part of the family. Most of our early childhood memories include the wonderful experiences we had with our pets. However, the worst part of owning a pet is cleaning after them. This includes cleaning their stool and dealing with their shedding hair which is what I will be discussing in this article.

Those of us with pets know how tedious dealing with pet hair can be as the hairs can be seen floating in the air and get stuck to our clothing, bedding and carpets. As a result of the cumbersome nature of cleaning hairy messes, there are a number of reasons why one should choose the perfect vacuum cleaner, namely:

  • Animal hair clogs the vacuum bags. Therefore, as one is shopping they should ensure they purchase a bag that is not hampered by pet hair.
  • Animal hair blows away easily, especially if you’re not using the right vacuum on a hard surface floor. With the wrong vacuum, the hair will be blown away by its exhaust air even before one gets close to it.
  • Animal hair sticks to fabric. Once it embeds itself to fabric and textiles it can be quite difficult to remove.

Now that the need for a vacuum cleaner specially suited to pet messes has been established, there are some factors to be considered when choosing the right vacuum for your home:

  • Upright vs. canister: the choice between these two types of vacuums is simply down to preference. The upright vacuum is cheaper and has a high capacity of suction which can come in handy when cleaning carpets and fabric. The canister vacuum is more nimble in reaching the harder to reach areas and is much more effective for smooth surfaces.
  • Bagged vs. bagless: for the bagged vacuums one has to choose a non-clogging bag to prevent clogging which can in turn affect the suction power. The downside is that one will have to buy new bags every other time. However, they are much tidier since they don’t require to be emptied. Bagless vacuums do not require replacement bags but require emptying often.
  • A roller brush: a vacuum with a roller brush is much more effective especially on carpets. Preferably, the vacuum should have adequate power to suck the hair into the bag and not leave it wrapped around the roller brush. The bristles should also be fairly stiff. It is advisable that one has the option of turning the roller brush on and off since on smooth surfaces it may blow the hair out of reach.
  • HEPA filtration system: a high level of filtration is recommended to prevent the hair from escaping the bag. This is especially important if there is an individual with asthma or allergies living in the home.
  • Noise control: a number of the vacuums specialized for pet hair emit a lot of noise as a result of the poor quality motors that they use. This can be disruptive to the other individuals in the home and even the neighbors.

Once these tips are followed, it is almost a guarantee that you will be very happy with your choice. Good Luck!

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