Picking The Right Vacuum For Your Wood Floor

It’s a good feeling to have a shiny wooden floor, and when your friends come over they admire and stay amazed at how well conditioned it is. Well, we all know maintaining a wooden floor is no easy task. Most vacuum cleaners in our closets are best suited for carpets with fluffy and tough surfaces but won’t work for wooden floors as the may destroy the top surface and waxing.

The following videos and rules from Vacuum Companion act as a guide when choosing the right vacuum for your wooden floor:

Rule 1 – No Brush at the Vacuum Head

The first and most important rule is to know which type of vacuum cleaner that should not be used on a wooden floor. A vacuum cleaner with brushes at the vacuum head is a Big NO! They clean by scrubbing on normal carpet and if the same is done on the wooden floor expect to call the floor installer to redo the waxing. Yes it’s that bad.

Rule 2 – Presence of rubber and padding on vacuum cleaner to prevent scratches on the floor.

Make sure to check if the vacuum cleaner has rubber underneath. These come in handy to protect the floor from scratches while moving across the room when vacuuming.

Rule 3 – Mop and Sweeping Functionalities

This is an important feature since it will enable you to clean the floor with lots of ease because wiping the floor after washing with water is a must with wooden floors. Make sure you don’t leave any trace of water on wooden floors as this will damage it.

Rule 4 – Go for a Cleaner with a great Suction power

When you come across stubborn dirt particles that are stuck between wooden pieces, a powerful suction removes them easily. It leaves the floor looking fresh and crispy clean.

Rule 5 – Go for Lightweight Vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming on a wooden floor is easier and safer with a lightweight vacuum cleaner, this is because slight bruises that occur when moving across the room will be negligible and won’t need any sort of repair. Being light also assists in portability.

Rule 6 – Get the Canister Vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are hard to manoeuvre and this will make you tired very fast. The canister versions enable flexibility and high portability.

Rule 7 – Read Customer Reviews and learn from others experience

As with any electronic equipment, get to know what others went through after buying and using it. This gives you an added advantage of learning from other customers experience and avoiding the bad luck of buying a tedious or faulty vacuum machine.

Rule 8 – Check the Price

They say “cheap is expensive”, but this is not always the case. More than often a cheaper commodity is considered as of low quality than the expensive one but this may not be the case. Do your research or rather, read this article as it has done the research for you and get the best vacuum for wood floors according to your preference.