The Right Vacuum For Your Cleaning Needs

Cleaning Your HomeWhat’s your cleaning experience like? Have you thought about quitting midway or probably doing extra hours of the same? I could only wish that you were sailing in the latter. Cleaning should be nothing short of exciting; my take exactly.

Recently I got this new vacuum from the mall; a canister to be precise. Well, I’m a rocker when it comes to canisters. Basically I enjoy how its weight presses on the floor and gets the dirt out in just one pushing. I happened to extend my cleaning by an extra hour considering it was a free weekend for me and boy I had missed that cleaning experience.

So basically what am saying is that cleaning should make you tick. Well, it doesn’t have to be like my case but don’t let it be a ‘can’t-wait-to-get-done’ kind of experience. I’ll show you how to get the right vacuum that will transform it for you.

Customer Reviews

Well, forgive my many trips to the mall but where else would you find that right vacuum to suit your needs? So I bumped into a few shoppers and came up with some sketchy statistics on what customers actually consider as best for them.

It is interesting how different people think differently. While many rested their case on upright vacuums, there was also an almost upbeat equal share of those who enjoyed canisters like me. For some, a top rated portable vacuum was what made their cleaning experience worthwhile.

Well then, all factors into play, what should direct your purchase?

What to look for

Comparing your needs to that of your neighbour’s should be the last thing that should be running on your mind right now. Look out for basic factors like the type of your cleaning surface, your past cleaning experience and your body posture preference.

I know that may sound light but basically that is what counts for you to enjoy your cleaning experience. Narrow down your checklist by walking into a vacuum retailer and explaining to them what you are after.

Ratings in terms of category

I’m sure by now you understand clearly what category of vacuum cleaner you are after. The following is an outlined list of the best vacuum cleaners in terms of category:

  1. Canister vacuum cleaners Canister vacuum options are limitless. Top-models boast of an impressive mark of deep cleaning with super-strong hose airflow. It works with other vacuum tools in ensuring upholstery and drapes get some proper cleaning. This listing features high rated brands with a reputation of solid performance: Miele vacuums, Aerus vacuums, Electrolux vacuums, Sebo vacuums, Hoover vacuums, etc.
  2. Upright vacuum cleaners: This type functions a little more like the canisters but customers interested in it pay more attention to its easy handling. Its push and pull force is very manageable allowing for minimal effort during the cleaning process. Noise rating is another consideration; top models would register very low sounds. Here are some options to consider: Miele vacuums, Riccar vacuums, LG vacuums, Hoover vacuums, Panasonic vacuums, Shark vacuums, Kenmore vacuums, etc.
  3. Handheld vacuums: When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, carpeting, and even the interiors of a vehicles, this is it. They are termed as small vacuums at times due to their light nature. They are also easily held by hand during the cleaning process. There are top models in the market which have shown strong cleaning performance in almost all categories. These are: Dirt devil series, Moneual Rydis UV-C series, Shark series, Black & Decker series, etc.

Making The Purchase

With all these up your sleeve, you are in no way getting stuck in that purchase dilemma anymore. Make it all about satisfying your needs and the brand, price and features will fit into place without much of your effort. Enjoy your cleaning experience.