Why The Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 is a Must For Hardwood Flooring

Selecting a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors can be stressful due to the amount of information needed to make the right choice. The task is further made difficult by the numerous makes and models of vacuums in the market, which make the search a time consuming exercise. It is for this reason that a review of the Quick Up is necessary, to guide you into making an informed purchase decision.

Innovation in Hardwood Cleaning Technology

  • Its bush rolls are mechanized to make it easy for you to clean both hardwood and other floor types. This is effective in eliminating chances of dirt, dust particles from scattering while you switch between floor surfaces.
  • The cleaner is cordless in design. This allows you to clean large areas of your floors after a single session of charge. It also makes it easy to move from one room to the next with ease as you clean your home.
  • Its dust cap filter is reusable because it is washable. This means that you will not replace it frequently.
  • The vacuum is bag-less in design to ensure that there are no hassles while cleaning your floors.
  • Its noise levels are relatively lower when compared to other devices in the market.
  • The removable handle makes it possible to have a handheld device. This makes it possible to clean areas of your home that other vacuums can’t reach.
  • This vacuum stands upright, which makes it easy to store.

Faster Cleaning

The Eureka Quick Up has a cleaning path that is 10 inches wide. This allows you to clean your floor in a lot less time when compared to time taken when using alternative cleaners. Its weight at 4 pounds further makes it possible to clean your floors fast without tiring.

Value For Money

Due to the fact that this vacuum cleaner requires no bags to replace, and that its dirt cups are washable, it can correctly be termed as a device that offers quality service at a low cost. Its purchase is also accompanied by a 1 year warranty on labor and replacement parts. It is affordable because it is possible to find alternative devices in the market with similar or lesser features at its price.


The vacuum features a micro-filtration system that ensures that fine particles on your hardwood are effectively eliminated. Its design allows you to eliminate pet dander from hidden spots in your home where they linger.

Bottom line

The search for an innovative, lightweight, affordable and effective vacuum cleaner will lead you to this Cordless 2 in 1. This is because the device allows you to effectively clean your hardwood floors with a lot of ease and within a short time. It is a model that’s highly recommended for vacuuming all types of wood flooring.