Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Just when you think vacuuming has reached its limit in terms of compactness and handy-use, along comes the Dyson DC35, a digitally powered, remarkably handy and sturdy cordless vacuum cleaner that’s operated by Dyson technology and the most efficient motoring system ever created in a rug cleaner. It boasts an enviable 4.2 out of 5 star rating from its many Amazon customers.

This DC35 from Dyson utilizes Root Cyclone, a technology that allows it to use centrifugal force to pull dust and grime from your floors, carpets, rugs, drapes and many other surfaces. It does all this with no loss of suction power and no blockage. It also has a carbon filter installed in the brush bar, to filter everything being suctioned in and release a healthy touch of carbon into the atmosphere (and no jokes about its carbon footprint, please).

The cleaner head, powered by a 22 volt lithium battery, spins the brush bar over a thousand times a minute, maintaining maximum suction power throughout. The cleaning experience produced by this cordless vacuum is unparalleled. With its crevice attachment, brushes and ultra long hose structure, it’s an incredibly versatile and handy cleaning instrument.

Customer Feedback for Dyson Digital Slim

The Negative Reviews

Few complaints came from the negative corner, which included those (from a single customer) that the Dyson lacked ergonomic design and was difficult to use; his brush rotation stopped occasionally, as well (not a complaint with others). In addition, he discovered that his attachments would not fit the machine (an understandably valid complaint), and he had to reorder the proper attachments.

The Positive Reviews

The previous customers negative experience was more than compensated for by the welter of positive reviews that praised the DC35’s power, suction, maneuverability, and its ability to clean small surfaces, cracks and crevices. In addition, customers enjoyed the cordless feature, although the charge was not as long-lasting as some would like.

Most customers of this product found it well worth the price, and a few considered it a near-perfect machine for the price. If one could choose a single great feature from these reviews, in fact, it would undoubtedly be the portable nature and operating ease of the Dyson DC35.

Most positive reviewers loved the grab-and-go nature of the machine, and the fact that it stored easily and that emptying the canister was as easy as could be. Many reflected that they had to empty the unit several times due to its low capacity, but also noted that this was undoubtedly because it was picking up far more litter and dirt than any other vacuum cleaner they’ve used before.

A few reviewers considered it the absolute best for high-traffic areas with matted and ground-in grime, since the Dyson made short work of their carpeting stains.


All in all, it seems the Dyson DC35 earns its positive stars, and can definitely come highly recommended by us and by most Amazon customers (with the possible exception of the guy who got the wrong attachments). At any rate, you’ll probably form quite an attachment to this machine. It has a very fair price considering the fact that you’re getting a powerful, adjustable and portable vacuum.