Dyson DC28 Animal Review

dyson-dc28-animalYou may have rug and carpet cleaning problems you consider untamable, but then you’ve not yet tried the Dyson DC28 Animal, an upright vacuum cleaner suitable for all floors with a patented motorized brush-bar, and a design specific for pet owners, child raisers and people with stubborn floors to clean, whether carpeted, hardwood, linoleum or tile.

It’s earned a nifty 3.9 star rating out of five stars on the Amazon website, and its technology includes a pneumatic actuator and powered high-torque clutch; don’t worry about what all that means, it’s just an amazing vacuum. The Root Cyclone technological suction system of this vacuum cleaner has astonishing power, with no loss of suction or clogging ever, and its Air-muscle technology is a scientifically designed combination of three-head cleaning, with each head precisely calibrated to adjust to every kind of surface.

It’s bag-less, with a five-eighths gallon capacity bin for shavings, pet dander, hair and any kind of carpet dirt, and its patented HEPA filter and asthma-friendly circulation system makes it the handiest Animal you’ll ever invite to stay for a long time in your home.

The Negative Reviews

Negative reviews of this baby—or maybe should call it this baby bear-cub—are few and far between, and the only consistent complaint anywhere on the Amazon website is that the hose (easily and inexpensively replaced) develops holes over time, as most reinforced plastic will with continuous use.  The only other complaint is the smell that develops as material sits in the vacuum and decays; however, this sort of buildup can be avoided with proper regular cleaning and emptying of the bin, and by blowing out the cyclone with compressed air (using any tire inflator at any service station).

The Positive Reviews

Positive reviews of the Dyson Animal mention its astounding cleaning power in small homes with pets; it’s particularly good, say several customers, at long cat hair, and it even has the accessory of a pet grooming tool (to be used on your pet at the lowest speed), to eliminate the middle carpet, as it were, and directly suck loose hair off your animal, into the Animal.

Some pets even enjoy the experience, although one customer warns that it takes a bit of maneuvering to keep the hose steady and groom the pet thoroughly. Others favored the incredibly strong and powerful suction; one customer had to make multiple trips to the dusting bin and garbage can to empty out the residue, but reported she had never had better results or a cleaner rug.

The varying carpet adjustment and setting for hardwood floors is a great benefit, report many users, although even the positive reviews warn that the unit is heavy duty and needs careful storage—as one customer remarks, it’s isn’t a slide-under-the-bed storage piece.


We can certainly join the chorus of approval from the Amazon reviewers and also recommend this vacuum; it seems to come with every attachment under the sun for every vacuuming and small space dirt removal imaginable, and its high score among the nearly 250 reviews makes it a solid winner.