Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Vacuum Review

dyson-dc25-pet-ball-vacuumSleek and stylish looks with ball technology and a tremendous cleaning power come together to create the Dyson DC25 Animal-Ball Upright vacuum cleaner. Dyson Ball technology, with their signature craft and patented centrifugal suction system, make for a simple and easy vacuuming experience. This upright cleaner easily twists and maneuvers around any obstacle, including heavy furniture, with a low center of gravity to keep the movement minimal and leisurely.

The ball design holds one of the most powerful motor around, and the motorized brush bar handles any kind of ground-in dirt, pet dander, hair and heavy dust, with no clogging or suction loss at any time.

The lifetime washable HEPA filter traps allergens, bacteria and harmful microbes to keep the air and atmosphere extra clean. Like all Dyson upright vacuums, this is certified allergen-friendly, and the suction power (at no less than 220 watts) cleans every surface spectacularly well. Don’t just take our word for it; the reviews are in and most of them are spectacular too.

Customer Feedback

The Negative Reviews

First, let’s take a look at the bad news, even though there isn’t that much of it. One customer had it break apart, with a faulty rotor; rather than replace it (it would have meant a long drive to the Dyson service center), he simply chucked it, and chalked it up to experience. A few other reviewers had units clog on them as well, but a visit to the service center unclogged their cyclone units at no charge.

The Positive Reviews

telescope-reach-wandNow, the good stuff and there is plenty of it: most reviewers found the vacuum incredibly easy and fun to use. The “button release” feature on it made assembling the unit super easy for most users. There are attachments for literally every use, include cracks and crevices, sofas with hair, even the dust behind toilets. The bin compacts dust while it works with the centrifugal force of the rotor, keeping the unit grime-free while making the task of removing the canister a snap. The hose was a huge boon to most, as it was incredibly flexible and long, and could reach literally anywhere; also, the ball was a remarkably compact and easy system to maneuver. Another customer considered the suction almost ridiculously wonderful, taking almost three times as much hair and dirt as previous vacuums.

The five year warranty (a Dyson specialty which covers everything) was a huge plus for most purchasers too. It’s not surprise that this vacuum got such high ratings. One customer has even managed to make a devout vacuum-freak of her husband, who now loves the duty he previously hated, and vacuums the entire house every weekend just because it’s fun, as the customer says. The cost, many noted, was high, but the vacuum seems utterly worth it to them.


And we’ll leave it at “utterly worth it”. It’s not cheap, but we feel it’s worth the expense for fun and ease of ball technology cleaning as well as the pleasure of owning a sleek and impressively powerful Dyson vacuum.