Dyson DC25 All Floors Ball Vacuum Review

If you’re not familiar with vacuum ball technology, you’ll be a big fan of it when you clean with the Dyson DC25 All-floors upright vacuum cleaner. This machine literally sits on a ball, easily turning around furniture and other obstacles as it cleans floors thoroughly, with no wasted movements and no clogging or suction loss (and that’s not just a claim; Dyson backs it up with the IEC 60312 test standard). This technology is probably the reason why it’s earned such a high rating on Amazon.com.

dyson-dc25-ball-vacuumIt truly is an all-floors marvel, as it features the patented motorized brush bar to remove pet hair, dirt, dust and dug-in grime from carpets, upholstery, drapes and every conceivable surface. It even features the quick-draw Telescope, a reaching wand that expands to over 15 feet. Want cleaner air? The Dyson provides it with a lifetime (and washable) HEPA filter that traps allergens, microbes and bacteria, and literally cleans the air as it cleans the carpet. The unit is certified asthma-friendly (by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, no less), and its hygienic bin (holding up to 1/3 gallon) empties quickly and easily. A five year all-inclusive warranty completes this great deal.

Customer Feedback

The Negative Reviews

Negative reviewers, as you might expect, are pretty rare for a ball vacuum such as this. However, a few complaints did surface which we’ll be mentioning here. The first notable complaint was from a customer who was (understandably) perturbed saying that the parts wouldn’t fit together for the chassis of the roller ball assembly. A few other reviewers complained about the price of the unit (although not the performance) saying that the increased effectiveness of the DC25 ball vacuum was not justifiable given the fact that an ordinary vacuums costs hundreds less.

The Positive Reviews

upright-ball-vacuumThe positive reviews, however, really shone out for this particular Dyson vacuum: reviewers tended to talk in superlatives about it, considering it miraculous, wonderful, perfect and outstanding, along with a number of other laudatory adjectives. Most found its maneuverability the most amazing and consistently helpful feature.

A number of reviewers mentioned that the suction power could be considered second to none. The hand tools in particular came in for much praise as it was not awkward or difficult at all to attach and manipulate, which can’t be said for most upright vacuums. A lot of reviewers were philosophical about the price, considering that they were getting what they paid for in terms of convenience, cleaning power and remarkable versatility as far as floor surfaces go.

Many reported that their spouses thoroughly enjoyed cleaning using their new DC25 and had become cleaning tech experts, at least modestly so, in favor of the ball-maneuvering technology of their unit. Among all the positive reviews, many were quite shocked when they realized they were becoming enthused, in one way or another, about a home vacuum cleaner. This is a clear sign that they probably considered Dyson DC25 ball vacuum to be quite remarkable, and in most cases, indispensable.


This is probably where we should leave it, with a strong recommendation for an indispensable product. The DC25 is slightly pricier than the average cleaner (still a far cry from the $600-700 models of other branded cleaners).