How to Pick a Vacuum For Both Carpet and Hardwood Floor

This can be a tricky question to answer. It seems most vacuums these days tout themselves as being all-purpose, but we’ve all learned from experience that some work better than others. What things should you look for when when picking out your next floor monster? What are some of the different types of vacuums out […]

Quick Guide to Finding The Best Canister Vacuum For Your Home

Once you run the wheels off the vacuum cleaner you got as housewarming gift a few years back, your family is going to need some better equipment. This now leaves you trying to sift through a maze of vacuum cleaners, with a swirl of questions inside your head. Before you can find that perfect canister […]

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum Pet Hair and Dander

Pets can provide the perfect companionship in our homes and with time they practically become part of the family. Most of our early childhood memories include the wonderful experiences we had with our pets. However, the worst part of owning a pet is cleaning after them. This includes cleaning their stool and dealing with their […]

Picking The Right Vacuum For Your Wood Floor

It’s a good feeling to have a shiny wooden floor, and when your friends come over they admire and stay amazed at how well conditioned it is. Well, we all know maintaining a wooden floor is no easy task. Most vacuum cleaners in our closets are best suited for carpets with fluffy and tough surfaces […]

The Right Vacuum For Your Cleaning Needs

What’s your cleaning experience like? Have you thought about quitting midway or probably doing extra hours of the same? I could only wish that you were sailing in the latter. Cleaning should be nothing short of exciting; my take exactly. Recently I got this new vacuum from the mall; a canister to be precise. Well, […]