Quick Guide to Finding The Best Canister Vacuum For Your Home

Dyson Canister VacuumOnce you run the wheels off the vacuum cleaner you got as housewarming gift a few years back, your family is going to need some better equipment. This now leaves you trying to sift through a maze of vacuum cleaners, with a swirl of questions inside your head. Before you can find that perfect canister vacuum to replace your old junk, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

Where to Begin?

The power of information is at the fingertips of most people, how to use or find that information sometimes is quite a different story. The first questions you should have already come up with are:

  1. What kind of vacuum cleaner do we need, Upright or Canister?
  2. Does anyone have asthma, allergies, or any airborne type issues?
  3. Where will this thing hangout when I’m not using it?

Answering these first three questions is a start. Now on to the next steps the gathering information.

The best way to gain an unbiased answer to your first question is by looking at popular websites through Google search. Click on the link, and type in the question “what is the difference between upright and canister vacuum cleaners?” There are also some 3rd party canister vacuum reviews that are worth checking out.

After you’ve entered in your query to Consumer Reports, you’ll notice that one search results in displaying multiples articles explaining what an upright and canister vacuum cleaners are. At this point the site will ask you to subscribe before you can read the articles. Our recommendation would be to subscribe for one month for only the $6.95, that way you have an entire month to read, and learn from an unbiased perspective. Through, this one step, you will begin to be able to answer the next two questions.

What if you don’t want to spend money for the subscription service?

The next “go to” place to find out the differences and what your needs are, is Amazon.com. We know it sounds cliche but, they have the specifications and many times the user manual on almost every canister vacuum available and all at the touch of your fingertips.

Second/Third Step: Depending on your answer to the first question.

We suggest you visit the link to the National Air Filtration Association to find the answer to your next question.

Does anyone have asthma, allergies, or any airborne type issues?

The National Air Filtration Association has standards and regulations regarding the filtration systems on the discharge coming from the exhaust air from vacuum cleaners. We would highly recommend that you visit their site as well. There are several options of quality air filtration recommendations. The common option for standard household use of vacuums requiring that the airborne contaminates be reduce or eliminated is known as a HEPA filtration. Which leads us to our final question and answer discovery.

Where will this thing hangout when I’m not using it?

I know that it sounds funny to have to ask yourself this question, but allow us to be you for a moment…which we all have been there… and we wish someone would have given us this heads up. It would have been nice to consider this before I started lugging some of those clunky vacuum machines home years ago.

Through the websites that we have recommended, you can determine the size, shape, weight and whatever comes to mind about canister vacuums. Information is a powerful thing when you know how and where to find it. Thank you for allowing us to enlighten your pathway to a quick guide for finding the best of anything is knowing where to look and what to ask. There are also helpful guides that will make your purchase a lot smoother.