Welcome to the New London Snafu Vacuum Blog and review website. My name is Nancy and I moved into my new house (well not so new anymore) about 10 years ago. The entire house was carpeted and looked fantastic, but one day I decided to switch over to hardwood after speaking for a long time with the wife. The transition was great, and hardwood looked and felt amazing. After about 5 years, I looked at my floor and I remember the feeling of regret as the floor looked nothing like what it did when I first had it installed. I began looking all over the web, and reading articles to see if this was common, but to my surprise, I was introduced to a whole world of hardwood floor maintenance. I realized my mistake very quickly. Hardwood floors need to be maintained regularly for it to keep it’s appeal, and I had completely ignored this due to my own lack of knowledge. Fast-forward 5 years, my hardwood floors are shiny, and they look almost as good as they did 10 years ago. I decided to create this blog to provide some information on how you can maintain your hardwood so that it doesn’t lose its beautiful luster, and I will also be talking about some of the things I did to revive my own. I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you find anything particularly helpful, please help share it. Thank you and enjoy your stay!